About Tracy May Photography

Tracy May Photography is a Professional Photography service providing high end professional images to companies, sole traders, agents and the general public in Perth, Western Australia. (Formerly under the name Key One Real Estate Photography)

Services include: 24 hour turn around on Real Estate images, great customer service, professional photography, editing and corporate head shots.

24 Hour Turn around

Tracy May Photography understands the urgency of getting images on-line, images sell properties and nowadays no company can afford to have no images with their listing, or even worse poor quality images. Our modern society is by far the most visual yet, we are constantly on-line having images thrown at us from every corner of our screens. The only way to make an impact visually amongst the many other listings; is to have professional images uploaded with your property as quickly and efficiently as possible.

Great customer service

Customer service is extremely important at Tracy May Photography; you will find working with us is both professional and enjoyable. We take pride in our work and will go out of our way to make sure our customers are consistently happy. Building long term working relationships in Perth is our ultimate goal.

Professional editing is an essential part of the job, all images need adjustments of some kind. Our editing techniques are there to enhance the digital image in ways that are visually appealing.

She recreates the perfect weather and lighting conditions through her shooting and editing techniques, giving each property the opportunity to be viewed at its best.

All Tracy May Photography images are edited

• sharpness is increased

• exposure is perfected and balanced between darker and lighter areas

• overcast skies are replaced with blue skies in all outdoor real estate images

• clarity is increased

• contrast is increased

Corporate Head-shots

In the visual world that we live in today, no company can afford to have poor quality images attached to their brand, our faces are all over the internet, street signs, calendars, profiles and emails. Having a professional high quality head-shot is so important; you need a great shot that you will be proud of.

Why use a Professional Photographer?

If you want something done right, then hire a professional.

• Greater visual impact on-line

• You are more likely to get your desired price if the best features of the property are highlighted accurately

Your listings will be remembered and this will generate more traffic to home opens and result in more enquiries

Your clients will be impressed with your marketing

Potential clients will be impressed with your marketing

Your business will have a superior on-line presence which impacts your entire brand